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Course Title: Grain Bin Rescue Demo/Training

Course Description:

According to researchers at Purdue University, more than 900 cases of grain engulfment have been reported with a fatality rate of 62% in the past 50 years. In 2010, at least 26 U.S. workers were killed in grain engulfment accidents − the highest number on record.

LEMA in partnership with Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences will be presenting a Grain Bin Rescue Demo and  Training session. This instructional session will show first responders how quickly something can go wrong in a grain bin and how you have minutes to respond. We are working on compiling a list and maps of locations that have cofferdams/rescue kits so first responders don't have to search around for one, they can get one and head straight to the victim. 

Please join us at the Lancaster County Public Safety Complex for this event. We will be holding the training in the back EVOC pad behind the HAZMAT Building. 

We will require everyone who attends to be dressed properly for this event for safety. Closed toe work shoes/boots and pants are required for safety. If you have safety goggles, please bring those as well. Any firefighters who would like to get the hands on training and wants to bring their gear for a more accurate representation of training is encouraged. 

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP please contact Tammi at LEMA.

    Course Location: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, 101 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545

    Course Sponsor: LEMA/PSU Ag

    Event Type (value): Workshop

    Event Type (label): Workshop

    Start Date / Time: May 04, 2019 at 10:00

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