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Course Title: G-191 ICS/EOC Interface Workshop

Course Description:

This course will enable the participants to develop an effective interface between the Incident Command and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by applying Incident Command System (ICS) principles. This is an 8-hour class.

Course Objectives:

• Define the course goals and objectives.

• Describe ICS principles.

• Using scenarios, analyze the ICS and EOC systems and identify potential interface issues.

• Describe Multiagency Coordination/EOC principles.

• Identify the authorities, responsibilities, interests, needs, and assets of ICS and EOC during emergency operations.

• Apply ICS/EOC interface concepts in a classroom activity situation.

• Begin developing an ICS/EOC interface action plan for your community.

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    Course Location: PEMA Headquarters

    Course Sponsor: PEMA

    Event Type (value): Classroom Training

    Event Type (label): Classroom Training

    Start Date / Time: Dec 17, 2019 at 08:30

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