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Course Title: AWR-302 Pipeline Security in Rural Communities

Course Description:

This course brings together rural pipeline security stakeholders including public safety, oil and gas pipeline representatives (large and small), local emergency planners, pertinent federal agencies, and other community stakeholders in a classroom setting to recognize pipeline security threats and identify mitigation strategies within their jurisdictions to ensure the rural pipeline sector is secure and resilient.

The course includes various participant activities and scenarios to ensure the nation's emergency responders are able to work seamlessly with private industry and the various
federal agencies that would respond to a terrorist attack on the nation's pipeline system. The course objectives will enhance the mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities of
attendees through both classroom instruction and a scenariobased training exercise. This format will promote greater understanding and collaboration among parties responsible
for pipeline security, and will enhance operational capabilities between the many partners in response to a rural pipeline security incident.

Key elements of the course:
• Importance of the pipeline system
• History of pipeline explosions in the Unites States
• History of terrorism against pipelines (outside the U.S.)
• Types of pipelines
• Pipeline system components
• Regulations and federal guidelines applicable to the pipeline system
• Current security threat assessment protocols
• Collaborative response protocols

Class size limited to 40 participants. Until this is posted on PA Train, reserve your spot by emailing Tammi Snedeker and provide your FEMA SID

    Course Location: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center 101 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545

    Course Sponsor: Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium

    Event Type (value): Classroom Training

    Event Type (label): Classroom Training

    Start Date / Time: Aug 28, 2019 at 08:30

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