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Special Event Plan Submission or Notice

Welcome to the Special Event Plan Submission or Notice Survey. Please take the next few minutes to answer 12 questions related to your event. 

A Special Event is a non-routine activity within a community that brings together a large number of people. Emphasis is not placed on the total number of people attending but rather the impact on the community’s ability to respond to a large-scale emergency or disaster or the exceptional demands that the activity places on response services. 

There are 12 questions in this survey.
Event Information
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Name of Event:
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Event Host:
Date(s) and Time(s) of Event:
Are more than 500 attendees expected? 
If yes, what is the anticipated number of attendees?
Event Contact Information
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Event Contact, Full Name: 
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Email Address:
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Phone Number(s):
Are you the Local Emerency Management Coordinator?
Do you know who your Local Emergency Management Coordinator is?
Would you like Lancaster Emergency Management Agency to provide contact information for your Local Emergency Management Coordinator?