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CISM Team Application

Welcome to the Lancaster County Criticial Incident Stress Management Team Membership Application!

Before applying, please review the criteria listed below:

All emergency service workers, first responders or mental health professionals who satisfy the following criteria may apply for membership:

  1. Emergency Services Workers/First Responders (Peer) – has served as a first responder for at least 1 year with substantial experience.

  2. Mental Health Responders must have advanced academic training and substantial experience in providing mental health services.

  3. All applicants will have their references checked prior to membership acceptance.

Submitting this application does not guarantee membership. As well, membership does not guarantee deployment.


If you have any questions regarding this survey: please contact

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Please submit your Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check here. If you do not have this proceed to this link here and select "volunteer". 
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I understand that the completion of this application does not guarantee memebership on the Critical Incident Stress Management Team. I further attest that all information provided on this application is the truth as I know it. 

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