Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

Risk municipalities:

Drumore Township
East Drumore Township
Fulton Township
Little Britain Township
Martic Township
Providence Township
Quarryville Borough
WPDC 1600 WIOV 105.1 WGAL CH 8
WLPA 1490 WDAC 94.5  
WLAN 1390 WFNM 89.1  
  WROZ 101.3* * Designated Emergency Alert System Control Station
  WLAN 96.9  
  WIXQ 91.7  
  WJTL 90.3  
  WLCH 91.3  

If you hear a siren, you should tune to one of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) stations for official information about the plant.
The sirens are full volume tested semi-annually in June and December. A monthly test is also conducted which operates the sirens for less than one minute.


If you or someone you know might not respond to warning sirens or TV or radio broadcasts due to impaired hearing or other factors, please contact the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency.


Peach Bottom Emergency Planning Guide Download

Information from Constellation Energy

Potassium Iodide (KI) Information - PADOH

Potassium Iodide (KI) Information - CDC


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