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Course Title: 0419A FEMA Virtual TTX - Family Reunification

Course Description:

This VTTX is designed to engage the participants in a no fault, hazard-specific exercise discussion.
Facilitation will occur via VTC from the EMI campus and will be complimented by a dedicated local agency
facilitator at each VTC site.

The VTTX will be supported by an Exercise and Coordination Facilitation Guide, which will include all
required logistical information (room layout, connection instructions, etc.), as well as facilitation and hot
wash instructions.

The VTTX will consist of:
• Three discussion modules.
• Local discussion with guided questions led by an onsite facilitator.
• Back briefs from each participating location after each module.

    Course Location: LCPSTC

    Course Sponsor: LEMA and FEMA

    Event Type (value): Table Top

    Event Type (label): Table Top

    Start Date / Time: Apr 19, 2022 at 12:00

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