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Course Title: 0307B Effective Relationships for Township & Borough and Volunteer Fire Companies (Evening Offering)

Course Description:

Open to Emergency Management Coordinators, Fire Department Leadership, and Municipal Leadership and Elected Officials.

All Fire Departments in Pennsylvania must interact with Boroughs and Townships. Elected and appointed officials hold tremendous power over the FD. Too many times FDs only communication with local government at budget time or when a crisis occurs. Positive relationships with officials are essential to providing the best possible service to your community. This session will identify why unclear expectations between public officials and leaders of the FD can lead to problems. Solutions to those problems may be easier than expected.

    Course Location: Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center

    Course Sponsor: Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency

    Event Type (value): Seminar

    Event Type (label): Seminar

    Start Date / Time: Mar 07, 2022 at 18:30

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